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Clean Living Academy

Overwhelmed by toxins? Do you want to be able to choose safe products for you and your family? Clean Living Academy was made just for you! This online course gives you all the tools you need to understand why toxins matter, where they are, and how to read labels to choose safer products.

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Clean Living Academy

What to Expect


Why toxins matter

Grow your conviction and be well equipped in your journey with facts and stats about why toxins in our environment matter. 


How to read labels

Let's dive deep into label reading! Understand the components of a label, what's safe, and what to avoid. You'll leave feeling more confident in your ability to choose a safe product without relying on anyone else.


Where toxins are

We'll break down the home room by room to understand which products are most likely to be hiding toxins, and how to avoid them.


Empowered sharing

Have you ever felt unsure how to share with others about your lifestyle? This module will equip you to share your why and educate others about toxin free living.

Join the waitlist

Clean Living Academy will open for enrollment soon! Mid November 2023 will be our first cohort. Enter your email to be the first to know when the academy opens! I can't wait to have you there, and watch you become a truly empowered consumer.

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