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safe swap guide

Kid & Baby Products

 Through my years of trying safe, toxin-free products for myself and my family I've compiled this resource of clean & high performing products. Be sure to click on the item for a direct link, many of which hold discounts!

    Lesson 1: Facts and statistics about how toxins impact us. Lesson 2: History and regulations around toxins in our products Lesson 3: Greenwashing
  • Module 2: Where Toxins Are
    Lesson 1: Overview and mindset Lesson 2: Breaking down the bathroom Lesson 3: Exploring our kitchen Lesson 4: Laundry and cleaners
  • Lesson 3: Label Reading
    Lesson 1: Overview and things to be aware of Lesson 2: Label Reading 101 Lesson 3: Going Deeper into labels Lesson 4: My step-by-step process
  • Module 4: Empowered Sharing
    Lesson 1: Empowerment moment Lesson 2: Facts and stats for you to share Lesson 3: Putting it all together
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